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We were working on our "Mission Statement" in Alexandria VA and trying to decide how to express what we deem important in our service to our patients. Then one day, one of our long term patients, Kathy F. came in with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and "Good-Bye" letter. She was sad to inform us that shortly she was re-locating to up-state New York.

Instead of a carefully tailored "Mission Statement" I decided to reproduce Kathy's letter in it's entirety. I think her kind and thoughtful words say it all.

Letter from previous Patient, Kathy F.

Dear Dr. Dolberg,

It is easier and more casual to say good-bye to some rather than others. You and your staff are among the others!

I have felt so grateful and so lucky that you accepted me as your patient, back in January, 2004.

Your staff is warm, kind, and on top of their game. We have the feeling that someone is in charge, and we feel we have a defined and honored place in the environment you have created.

The smoothly choreographed sequence of activities carried out by you and your staff should be the stuff of textbooks for new chiropractors, opening an office.

What cannot be put in a textbook are all the intangibles that you have provided to put us at our ease and elevate our spirits: the beautiful artwork, your rock collection, the helpful racks of literature, the comfortable and beautifully appointed waiting room and treatment rooms.

But the most important intangible of all is your respect for your patients and your dedication to their well-being. You are completely gracious. And you welcome us as members of an extended human family that embraces everyone.

How many times have I come to your office, after weeks and months, and wished I had had more occasion to visit, and not simply on account of having an ache or pain! It's a wonderful place to be!!!

So, it is with subdued heart that I leave your patient fold, but it is with a happy heart that I carry memories of having been part of it. Thank you for caring for us, Dr. Dolberg.

Kathy F.
(displayed with permission)

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