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Chiropractic Alexandria VA Fitness Rehab

Our approach to healthcare at our Alexandria VA facility is holistic, emphasizing the importance of progressive functional rehabilitation exercises in our fitness and rehabilitation programs. This strategy encompasses a wide array of services, including ergonomic assessments, neuromuscular retraining, posture adjustment, coordination enhancement, core fortification, stable base exercises, range-of-motion improvements, proprioceptive enhancement, spine stabilization, as well as traction and decompression therapy.

Several techniques and multiple tools are utilized in our efforts to help you. Examples of some of these methods are as follows:

Swiss Ball Exercise Training in Alexandria VA

Exercise training using a Swiss ball not only promotes core stability but also encourages the activation of crucial muscles necessary for proper posture, enhanced coordination, and support, all vital components of spinal health. Advanced techniques include using the ball for self-mobilization of the SI joint between appointments.

Chiropractic Alexandria VA Woman On Ball

Posture Pump - Traction - Decompression

We address postural, structural, and degenerative concerns, including conditions like disc herniation, brachial neuropathies, thoracic outlet syndrome, and sciatica, by integrating methods and devices aimed at improving disc integrity, reducing muscle tension, reshaping the spine, and providing decompression.


We guide patients through specific, gentle stretching routines to restore flexibility to areas that are tight and contributing to discomfort. Stretching, when done correctly, is a secure, beneficial practice for treating and averting injuries while avoiding any decrease in performance.

Foam Roller Training

Using a foam roller allows for deep tissue manipulation and aids in the mobilization of the spine, improved bodily coordination, and posture realignment. This tool, along with tailored techniques, addresses conditions associated with tight musculature, trigger points, and fascial restrictions. Foam rolling can extend and soften muscles without the adverse effects associated with static stretching.

Chiropractic Alexandria VA Foam Roller


Balance Pad Training

A study published by AJSM in 2007 (recent study - Thera-Band Academy) demonstrated a 77% reduction in non-contact inversion ankle sprains through balance pad training. This is crucial for elite athletes, casual sports enthusiasts, and anyone who walks on two feet.

Such training is also paramount as we age due to the increased risk of falls among the elderly. Recurring ankle sprains often necessitate beyond pain relief to prevent future occurrences, focusing on proprioception (awareness of joint position). Stability training serves precisely this purpose.

Chiropractic Alexandria VA Balance


Sports injuries constitute a significant part of our practice and encompass a wide variety of conditions that we treat through the use of physiotherapy modalities (muscle stim, ultrasound, interferential, ice, heat), chiropractic adjustive techniques, exercise rehabilitation, and in some circumstances the application of custom orthotics, specialized supportive devices, nutritional supplementation and much more.

Keep in mind that chiropractic is not limited to the spine. We are trained to handle injuries and conditions that involve not only the neck and back but also shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, ankles, wrists, feet, and everything in between.

The sooner you take action, the sooner we may be able to help you. Contact us, Family Chiropractic of Alexandria, and get started today!

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