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Rooted in the ancient practices of Chinese Medicine, cupping therapy has been an integral component for over 2.5 millennia, alongside the likes of herbology and Acupuncture. While today's cupping therapy typically involves the use of glass cups, the history of cupping saw the employment of animal horns, with subsequent adaptations including brass, ceramic, and bamboo vessels.
The process of cupping is often compared to receiving a deep tissue massage, yet distinct in its methodology. Here, the practitioner introduces heat within a cup, which is then strategically placed upon the back in most instances. The heat induces a vacuum effect, enticing the skin to rise into the embrace of the cup.

The Advantages of Cupping Therapy

  • Invigorates the area with a surge of new blood
  • Facilitates the expulsion of toxins
  • Engages acupuncture points
  • Boosts the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids
  • Eases the tension in overly rigid muscles
  • Diminishes inflammation

The application of cupping therapy will result in distinct markings on the skin, akin to bruises or hickeys, affectionately referred to as "cup kisses". While these marks might appear startling, they are typically painless and subside within a span of 3 to 7 days.

Cupping services are frequently sought for the alleviation of diverse discomforts, ranging from lower back and leg pain to fibromyalgia, as well as tension in the neck and shoulders. Cupping therapy also extends its benefits to pulmonary conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, and persistent coughs by aiding in the opening of the chest area. Additionally, it has proven effective in addressing gastrointestinal distresses, including stomach aches, vomiting, diarrhea, and even menstrual discomforts.

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